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I designed a fast setup, no-tools-required, Santa Chair, based on the notched Christmas tree decoration of centuries ago. It can be carried in one hand and set up in less than 2 minutes.

So simple, your assistant can quickly get it to the room and set it up while you greet guests.

Chair - ready to use paintedMy personal chair shown with Gold ‘S’ and ‘C’

as well as the painted candy canes.

The cross pieces under the seat of my chair has ‘Santa’s Chair’ on one and ‘Believe’ on the other.

Very comfortable 17″ seat height. Still room to gather the family


Chair - White F&R

Front and back showing the notched fit and seat lock,

which holds it all together

Chair - ready to travel

Check out this quick video to see how quick and easy it is to set up!

Ready to travel

I designed a simple slide together chair that does not require box, rollers or wheels.

it is a one-hand carry, takes less than two minutes to set up and a bit longer to ready again for travel, and it fits in the back seat of my Toyota Camry.

No truck required.

Put it in the car at the start of the season and have it ready for any event.

Paint it to suit your personal taste.

These chairs are CNC machine cut for precise fit every time, made from cabinet quality 1/2″ plywood. With a pint of your favorite colors, you can have it complete and ready to use in as little as one weekend.




Available as shown here with all edges eased with slight radius and the machining marks sanded off, no paint.

$255 plus BikeFlight shipping from 98001

And with a little imagination and some fabric, you can turn the chair into a true Santa throne like Santa Tim and Mrs. Claus Linda did to this one.

Here is what Santa Tim Lorang had to say:

Jerry’s Santa Chair is quick and easy to assemble and set up anywhere. It just takes a moment to take it apart and is very easy to carry around. With a little paint and imagination you can make a unique chair custom made for you. The chair also adds a lot to my special Santa offerings. No more squeaky fold out metal chairs for this Santa.


Santa Steve Fletcher has come up with a way to change the chair to fit any occasion in seconds. Instead of painting it, he made a two-sided fabric chair covers. The ones shown are for Santa, but it can just as easily be made to look Victorian,  Renaissance Faire, Kings throne, or anything you can imagine.
To change the side seen, just turn the slip cover around and flip over the cushion.

All this and the chair can still be stacked and transported with one hand!




Load test.


I have been asked what the capacity is and I figured out a way to show what it will hold.
Went to Home Depot and set up the chair, putting a piece of flexible plastic under the seat support to show deflection and sagging of the seat.
Then added 50# sacks of cement.
12 sacks equals 600 pounds. The flexible plastic is exactly the same curve to it with or without the 600# in the seat. 

The deflection of the plastic is virtually nothing as compared to the chair with no load on it.

Ordering Information

First step is to contact me for an accurate total.

Ask Santa Jerry about the chair

Telephone: 253-719-8776

Shipping is the prime variable and you can get an estimate (ADD $8.00 for delivery to residence) by visiting BikeFlight and ship from zip code 98001, using these dimensions and weights: 55″ x 30″ x 9″ and 40 pounds. The packaging will add about $25

Payment can be sent by PayPal.

This chair is sold without warranty expressed or implied. Seller does not assume any responsibility for its use. All photos are for demonstration purposes only and not intended to indicate capabilities of any kind.

“Every person to approach Santa will have a story. I am eager to hear it”